100 things about Lisa

A few teammates/friends (Beth, Erin, Kecia) have written this post, I thought it would be fun (and honest) too.

1) I went to Phoenix HS in NY, not Arizona

2) I’m the oldest of two, we’re 14 months apart – enough said.

3) I am a black belt in karate

4) During Karate we had to run 1-3 miles – I HATED it, so much so my mom had to bribe me with ice cream.

5) I started running when I was 14 because I was scared I wouldn’t make the soccer team in HS

6) When I started running, I never looked back

7) Running is my happy place.

8) I also figure skated when I was little.

9) I taught Church school to 1st graders in HS.

10) I ran Xc & Track at SUNY Cortland.

11) My B.S. is in Kinesiology.

12) I went to nationals in XC as an individual and then with my team.

13) I got hurt a lot in college.

14) I miss my college friends.. a lot.

15) I have a published research journal on barefoot & shod running.

16) I got my M.S. at Ithaca College in Human Performance.

17) I’ve coached at IC (2 years) and Cornell (3)

18) Chocolate, coffee and wine are my weaknesses.

19) I love how positive people can be.

20) I love how positive and uplifting both the Oiselle and Coeur Sports teams are.

21) I also really love french fries and pizza

22) I love hard workouts.

23) I hate treadmills (unless its negative outside)

24) The half marathon is my favorite running race distance

25) I love long course triathlons.

26) Ironman Lake Placid was an experience like no other. Words can’t describe it.

27) I didn’t have a good relationship with my mom until college – Now it’s one of the most important ones, she’s my biggest fan and supporter.

28) I’ve learned to always tell someone you love them, you never know when it’s the last time.

29) Stephanie and I have been best friends since 5th grade – love you always.

30) I’ve never camped.

31) I don’t have wisdom teeth – never had, not even the roots.

32) I Love dogs – especially my Pippy puppy and can’t wait to have one of my own.

33) I’m stubborn and competitive – thanks to my Gram.

34) I’ve never been to Disney.

35) I wish I had more time for my family and friends – they mean the world to me.

36) I love yoga at Blackbird Studios in Ithaca NY.

37) I love my bike, it’s named Timmy, Timmy the Trek.

38) I often talk to Timmy.

39) Swimming is growing on me, I’m starting to like it.

40) My grammie passed away in 12/2008. I’m so thankful I drove up on a whim the day before she passed to see her.

41) I’ll also never forget how proud of me she was when I told her I ran at Nationals in 2008.

42) I feel like I’m never good enough for people.

43) My boss and another best friend convinced me to sign up for an Ironman – I had only done one sprint and one Olympic before I signed up.

44) I’m so thankful they did.

45) I really like to sleep.

46) But when I’m not training, I’m a terrible sleeper.

47) I’m confident when I’m running a lot and feel fit.

48) I’m often not confident when it comes to triathlon training.

49) I love colorado.

50) When I turned 21 I got terrible allergies so I couldn’t run more than a mile at a time.

51) I just went off all my allergy meds and my breathing capacity is better than someone for my age and height – booyah.

52) I was excited to learn I breath less when swimming than Doug 😉

53) I hate my feet, but like my calves.

54) Oiselle and Coeur apparel are my serious weaknesses.

55) I hate wearing regular bras

56) I feel most comfortable in workout clothes.

57) I hated once piece bathing suits until I found coeur sports.

58) My favorite season is fall, but I look forward to each one separately.

59) I have a tattoo of a stick figure runner (with a ponytail) on the inside of my ankle – she reminds me of my roots.

60) I love a hot shower.

61) I asked Alex for a fact: ” I have amazing hair braiding skills” – I do braid my own hair for every race – and Alex’s.

62) I may hate certain parts of my life, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

63) I did a 100 mile trail relay with a group of amazing women but it’s the only time I didn’t really like a race.

64) I don’t do well with sleep deprivation – see above

65) I don’t like to talk about myself.

66) I really love helping people – it’s my favorite.

67) I often screw up simple sayings – they’re now known as Lisa-isms.

68) I love summer evening runs.

69) I’ve been to 28 states – ran in 25 of them.

70) I hated the color pink when I was little

71) My first concert was Alan Jackson :X

72) I named my boyfriends bike.. Kangaroo the Quintana Roo. He hated it at first, then he started calling it by it’s name.

73) I went to Oxford and Cambridge last summer with the Cornell Track Team, I loved every second.

74) I loved the attention to detail all the buildings had.

75) I loved seeing Big Ben, going punting and the Iffly Road Track.

76) I’m so grateful for each opportunity I’ve had.

77) I also really love Oregon.

78) I’m totally a Dog person if you couldn’t get that.

79) I really love the song Uptown Funk

80) I love to cook

81) and bake

82) I’ve worked at our Local Running store for over 4 years.

83) I love everything to do with thanksgiving and Christmas – mostly spending time with family.

84) I am scared of moving but it also intrigues me.

85) I love everything about Ithaca NY but their snow removal – Syracuse has it down.

86) I really want to go to Bend, OR or to see more of Colorado.

87) I want to go to Utah.

88) I love traveling…

89) I have unfinished business on the track with the 5k and 10k.

90) I’ve broken both my collarbones – once falling off a swing set, the other steeplechasing.

91) My Little Cousin is one of the most important people in my life – I hope that I live up to her standards.

92) Doug makes me smile and feel important.

93) I swam breastroke in my first 70.3.

94) I’ve only completed 5 triathlons, 5 half marathons, 1 marathon but numerous 5ks (track and road) and maybe 3 10ks (which is surprising to me).

95) I started this blog to remember my journey through racing.

96) I’m struggling with finding more facts.

97) I always have really tight hamstrings

98) My massage therapist joked with me about starting a music soundtrack with my cracking, popping and tight muscles.

99) From Alex (because she knows me so well) “The best dates are snuggles on the couch, but yoga dates are acceptable when the BF is away especially with inversions.” She’s totally right.

100) My shoulders have started popping and I feel this finally makes me a swimmer (again from Alex).

CONGRATS on making it through to the bottom! What are your fun facts? Anything I’m missing?

100.1 (from Alex) – I do the worst job of hiding my facial expressions.. they just happen.


IMMT training Update: 4 weeks down

Exercise to stimulate, not to annihilate. The world wasn’t formed in a day, and neither were we.” – Lee Haney

As I write this update, my first recovery week is almost over. Needless to say the start of this training season is quite different than where I was last year. I’ve enjoyed  it so far, but was really happy to have a down week.

New things this year compared to last year: weight training. I’m 4 weeks in and already feel stronger, my body is changing and I’m not sore after yoga anymore 😉 Goodbye weak Lisa.

Running is less than I’m used to and I’m coping (sounds weird but it’s true). I ran 52 miles all of january. It was really sad, I won’t lie but I’ve been enjoying my time on the bike and in the pool.

The focus has been primarily on the bike. Time on the bike is already higher than most weeks last year. To be honest, I don’t hate it 🙂

My swimming has drastically improved from this time last year. Last week I swam an 800 and it 7 minutes faster than an 800 last year (3 weeks later). I was really happy about this. I felt smooth, relaxed and didn’t over do it. I’m excited to see where my swim will be in a few months. Not to mention, after one of swim workout (with paddles – oye!) a fellow swimmer complimented me on my form and my swimming ability. Score! I can come off as a swimmer!

Again, I’m really excited for the coming weeks and to see what is in store. Especially as  both Coeur Sports & Oiselle have new lines coming out! Let’s say both are cute and functional for cycling, swimming, running and more! I’ve already apologized to my bank account..

2015 Coeur Team Kit

2015 Coeur Team Kit