As the weeks tick by..

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” – Thomas Jefferson

Well, we’ve reached the end of another recovery week – I swear they go by faster each time I reach one. This week also entailed of a swim and bike test, which made me dig deep and showed me how much I could hurt. The previous weeks had some good swims and a fantastic long ride at my Mother’s house last weekend, followed by a great 65 min run. Speaking of running, it’s starting to come around. Yesterdays run off the bike (after the bike test) was the best run yet (shout out to my chiropractor and some necessary massages!).

Timmy and I have been bonding more than ever. Almost 9 hours together last week (that’s the highest week ever). I’m loving the new upgrade to Timmy.. automatic shifting is AWESOME.

Outside of training? I’ve spent some time visited family and friends. It’s been wonderful to get away for a weekend or two and spend some quality time.


Love this Little Man so Much!


Auntie Lisa Love You Eli!!


Puppy Snugglessssss

Coaching has been well, HEPs was as incredible as always. This week we travel to Jacksonville, FL for the East Regional Meet. I can’t wait to see what’s in store – I will be missing Timmy though.




Historic Franklin Field

Work has been good – thankful my coworkers are also training for triathlons so we get each other just by a look – most of it is the look of hunger and need to caffeinate (at least for me). I’ve been doing after school running programs too. Those have been awesome – the kids have improved so much by running just once a week in 6 weeks. Also – damn their flexibility.

Not many know that I also coach a few people on the side (very few), but one of my best friends and athlete (Alex) ran her first open marathon in 6 years today. We’ve been working together since September and she’s PR’ed in every distance she’s ran – 5k, 10k (in a 15k), 15k (1st 15k), 13.1 and now 26.2. It’s been an incredible journey to see her progress as a runner. Her ability to listen, trust and be confident in herself has been amazing to witness and see the changes in her life. I’m especially proud of the fact she has been able to push beyond what she thought was capable by continuing to not set boundaries or give up. While knowing she wanted to run faster today, I know she left everything out on the course.


Love this picture! ❤


Oh and I chopped my Hair off


Never Enough Puppy Snuggles


#heartandcourage displayed after the bike test

On another note – I literally just realized it’s 4 weeks until Syracuse. EEEEEP! Hope running picks up soon (hint hint). Until next time!