17 weeks, not that I’m Counting

First week you feel good, the second week you lose strength. Third week, ****ed’ – Per Pedersen, on the Tour de France.

Now, I have never done the tour so I can’t imagine what the third week really feels like, but I know how I felt this week. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to next week’s recovery week, there may have been the first breakdowns (yes.. some tears) of this training period (glad I made it this long). Positives on training, saw some swim numbers today that I typically only see with paddles on but they weren’t on. Then some speedier numbers with some paddles on. I’ve been really focused on my form and it seems to definitely be helping.

Running this week had it’s ups and downs.. the run workout went well, especially for still not having a -normal – for – me – running mileage (still about ~15). Hips been flared up, but I’ve been working on it hard with some self massage, real massage and a ART/Chiro (Thanks Sarah and Dale!!).

Biking this week took a major hit. I had a great long ride last weekend and  workout Tuesday, then Tues night Timmy went under the knife – to get some major upgrades!! 🙂 Then we ran into some complications and the bike shop took a little longer than planned (a lot longer than I hoped).. and I still don’t have Timmy. Really missing him.

Other stuff? Well there was a great trip with the Cornell Track & Field Teams out to Irvine/Palo Alto. Not only did the girls/guys race well, but I was never so excited to swim before in my life. Outdoor pools are the best. The sunshine and warmth was magnificent and very welcoming. I did get a little green with envy over all the cyclists out and may have made me anxious to get outside but the swimming and running was incredible. The trip home was a little rough with 30+ hours of traveling, including a 30 min sleep on the airport floor and one of the coaches getting their run done in the airport at 3:30AM. Lastly, a certain someone moved across the country and will be training/living in ithaca! 🙂


Newport Coast



Beach Run, Newport Coast – Emerald Bay



Laguna Coast Wilderness Park



Irvine Swim Center – So many LANES


Heart & Courage

Until next time!