A little over 2 weeks to GO!

What would you attempt to do if you could not fail?” – Lauren Fleshman

Just a few weeks left to go before the Corning Wineglass marathon, including two workouts and one more long run. It’s kind of crazy how fast the last 6 weeks have done by, Placid seems so far away. I guess that’s what happens when life gets busy reallllly quick!

The Cornell Women are back on campus, which means back to coaching! It’s been a welcome addition despite the added workload to my schedule! They are a very talented and great group of women who always make me smile and motivate me with their determination and hard work. Don’t worry I’ve had some fun too, I was able to take a little trip out to Boulder Colorado to visit a certain someone 🙂




I love Boulder so it was a wonderful little weekend get away. Of course Colorado did not disappoint and I was able to get some extra swims and run a bunch!

This training cycle has had its ups and downs. It started off a little rough, especially with tri season ending with IMLP but I’m really happy with how things have been happening. I’ve had some great tempo and pickup workouts – finally feeling somewhat speedy again. My long runs consistently improved now with 3-20 milers to add to the resume and overall just with how I’ve felt. This is easily the strongest physically I’ve ever felt as an athlete. Plus it’s probably the best 8 months of training I’ve ever had (injury free too! – knock on wood!).

I’m pretty excited to see what wineglass brings despite a very controlled effort early on and very realistic goals. I am constantly reminded that I cannot be greedy (thanks to those who know me best). Although I’m looking forward to wineglass, I can’t help but look forward to the next marathon (right? I know – crazy). Just in the sense of really getting after the marathon training and a marathon itself.

But for now, I’ll enjoy the workload, the cross country practices and meets and just the process of my body holding up after something that seemed so realistic 8 months ago. Good Job body.