Michigan, Hawaii, Mass and closing in on IMAZ

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s amazing how fast things can change in 4 weeks! I left my job, packed up my Subaru to the brim and moved out of Ithaca. If I said it wasn’t emotionally heartbreaking, I’d be lying. I love Ithaca, CNY and the people who’ve helped me call Ithaca a home. I feel fortunate to be welcomed into such a wonderful community and Ithaca will always have a special place in my heart, but it was time to start the next chapter.


the view I’ve had running/biking for the last 5 years

After packing up, Doug and I had a bit of traveling to do prior to my fully moving out of NY. The first weekend in October we traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan to catch the Wolverines take on Wisconsin in Doug’s annual Michigan football trip. Needless to say, the weekend didn’t disappoint and as always, it’s wonderful to see Doug (even if we seem to be traveling someplace to see each other) and his friends!


Then there was a 36 hour turnaround (with lots of training) before I got back on a plane and traveled for 20 hours to reach HAWAII!!!! I didn’t even mind the 10.5 hour flight from JFK to Honolulu – and no, I can’t sleep on planes. When Oahu was insight from our plane, I just couldn’t help but smile. Upon landing, I couldn’t stop smiling, where was I and how was there an airport where you could walk outside!? Eventually it was time for the last leg of the flight and the final destination, the big island and KONA!

I’m not really sure how I can describe the trip, the people, the experience and the amazingness of what really happened that week, I’m still living the high. I had the pleasure of helping one of my favorite companies, Coeur Sports, all week! I was so excited that I opted to help out upon immediately stepping off the plane!  I couldn’t stop smiling the whole way to the expo, seeing the lava fields, Palani Drive, Ali’i Drive, the bicycles, the palm trees.. oh my gosh I just couldn’t believe I was in Hawaii, not to mention getting to work for one of the companies I love and meeting/seeing all my teammates/friends in real life!

Right away, I was able to meet Reg & Kebby, whom I always seem to miss at races, and Rae! It was like we had been friends for years – I LOVE those types of relationships! THEN I couldn’t believe I was able to meet the legendary Michellie Jones and Paula Newby-Fraser within hours of being on the island. I was so shy, I just stood there, like a deer in headlights. When the expo finally started winding down, we headed to grab some dinner and a beer at Kona beer works. I had been up for 24+ hours at this point and was surprised I didn’t fall asleep at the bar!

The next morning consisted of meeting up with Jay from Lava Magazine for the Coeur Sports Photo Shoot! Oh my, can I say again how great it was to see friends/teammates again! During the shoot, I got goosebumps being out on the lava fields in the middle of THE Energy Lab! After the photo shoot, I was able to go swim in Kauila Bay – which words can’t describe how much I enjoyed it. Even the salt water. The fish were so colorful and I just smiled.. yes, while swimming. However, remember how I was up 24+ hours straight – I caught a cold and completely lost my voice (it didn’t come back until this week!!!!) and felt horrible about getting sick but I tried my best to rally through and keep on trucking


On the Lava Fields in the Energy Lab


The days were a mix of meeting teammates, swimming, beautiful sunrises and sunset, running, sharing my love of the brand to others and trying to be as supportive/hardworking as possible. Upon eating amazing food, drinking incredible coffee, the infamous underpants run, the goosebumps on race morning (plus race day hugs!) and witnessing the pure emotion and fight of the athletes in the race were incredible – a sight I surely won’t forget.


Acai bowl – YUM


UPR – photo crew: Competitive Image





Photo Cred: Nick/Erin (Sweetsweatlife)


Coeur Sports Brunch – Steph from Witsup.com




Kona Sunsets

The amount of love and gratitude I have towards the whole Coeur family – Kebby, Reg, Hailey, Rae, Ash, Andrea – is overflowing. I kept saying how full my heart was and is. It’s a true experience I’ll never forgot. I hope that I get to see Palani, Ali’i, the Energy Lab and the magical finish line on my own two wheels/feet some day.

Upon arriving home – I had a few days to spend with my mom and our puppy before making the move to MA. I also was able to catch up with my best friend on my way out to MA. Steph gave birth to another beautiful healthy girl. So much love to this strong momma.


Sweet Emilia Mae ❤

So – officially a resident in a new state – a first for me! So far, it’s been different with the traffic, but I’m getting used to it.


Up next: IMAZ – the countdown is on!