St Patrick’s Day 4-Miler & Catching up

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.’ Frederick Douglass

Wow, life really does fly by. I can’t believe we’re almost halfway into March! Life has been really busy. but it’s your normal stuff. I’ve been focused on my job, coaching, more coaching and training, while still making sure my family and friends love me, ha!

Work is going well, we have a lot of fun events coming up (and just passed).  Coaching has been awesome, We hosted our conference meet and it was a phenomenal 3 days that I won’t forget. Truly inspiring performances, and if you know me, there were a lot of tears and hugs. It was amazing not only to be a part of the meet, but I was able to meet and catch up with a  lot of the alum. My voice wasn’t normal for 5 days, it was that insane.

Training has been going well – I’ve put up some of the biggest weeks I’ve ever done accomplished. Truth be told, I learned a new level of exhaustion. There were tears, there was frustration, there were smiles, and there was doubt. I’m wrapping up my recovery week but am finally starting to feel ‘normal-ish’ (today – on day 7). How do I know I’m starting to feel normal-ish – I’m feeling ready to dive back into training and see what else my body is capable of.

Now to the part you are probably interested in – the Race Report! Doug and I woke up yesterday morning and got ourselves around and headed to the St Patrick’s Day 4 Mile race in Binghamton. Once we arrived (super easy to get to), we picked up our packets (easy as pie) and before I knew it, it was time to warm up.

Nothing spectacular on the warm up happened, I turned off my mind and just prayed that my legs would be there (read above). I stopped mid warm up to do some drills, then continued on my way. After some more drills and stretching, I was finally starting to feel some pep in my step. Eventually, I switched into my trusty oiselle singlet and my saucony racing shoes. Prior to the start, they had a lovely Irish drumline, but to be honest, I just wanted to get going.

The gun finally went off and first mile was fast and slightly down hill. I tried to stay focused on myself but I still wanted to be competitive in the race. I didn’t pay attention the the first mile split but knew the miles 2-3 were honest and rolling. This is when I wanted to work. I was focused on my arms, my cadence and just trusting that my body wouldn’t fail me. Finally reached halfway in 12:35, saw my second mile was 6:34 and realized my first mile was 6:00. Instantly glad I didn’t look. Mile 3 was there a little slower than I would have liked but I just focused on my race (6:39). Finally the last mile came andddd there was nothing in the tank (6:36). My legs couldn’t move despite how hard I pumped my arms. Finished in 26:04.

Once we cooled down, we hung out and chatted with several friends who also raced 🙂 I learned that I was 7th Female, 1st in my AG and ended up winning a sweatshirt and both Doug and I won pies.

Post race thoughts: I was pretty upset. I know I’m fitter than that. I know I can run faster. Hours after the race: Ok I did 3 weeks of over 15 hours of workouts (last one almost 17), this is pretty good. Boston is going to be fun. Now: I’m somewhat happy with it. There was nothing left in the tank AND it fueled the fire for my running, which I think is something that has been missing. Finally, really looking forward to Boston.

Here are some pictures:

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 3.52.22 PM

Finishing the St. Patricks 4-Miler








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