IMMT training Update: 4 weeks down

Exercise to stimulate, not to annihilate. The world wasn’t formed in a day, and neither were we.” – Lee Haney

As I write this update, my first recovery week is almost over. Needless to say the start of this training season is quite different than where I was last year. I’ve enjoyed  it so far, but was really happy to have a down week.

New things this year compared to last year: weight training. I’m 4 weeks in and already feel stronger, my body is changing and I’m not sore after yoga anymore 😉 Goodbye weak Lisa.

Running is less than I’m used to and I’m coping (sounds weird but it’s true). I ran 52 miles all of january. It was really sad, I won’t lie but I’ve been enjoying my time on the bike and in the pool.

The focus has been primarily on the bike. Time on the bike is already higher than most weeks last year. To be honest, I don’t hate it 🙂

My swimming has drastically improved from this time last year. Last week I swam an 800 and it 7 minutes faster than an 800 last year (3 weeks later). I was really happy about this. I felt smooth, relaxed and didn’t over do it. I’m excited to see where my swim will be in a few months. Not to mention, after one of swim workout (with paddles – oye!) a fellow swimmer complimented me on my form and my swimming ability. Score! I can come off as a swimmer!

Again, I’m really excited for the coming weeks and to see what is in store. Especially as  both Coeur Sports & Oiselle have new lines coming out! Let’s say both are cute and functional for cycling, swimming, running and more! I’ve already apologized to my bank account..

2015 Coeur Team Kit

2015 Coeur Team Kit



  1. Swimming in the winter sounds terrible but I’m sure setting new PRs in training helps with motivation! I love the new gear! It makes me wish I did triathlon. I am loving the free yoga once a week, maybe I won’t be so sore tomorrow 🙂


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