The Boston Marathon: Pre Race

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” – Vincent van Gogh

What a weekend – my heart is full of love, there’s fuel in the fire and I’ll be back to run the Boston marathon but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Doug and I headed home Thursday night so we could pick up my Mom and head out to Boston together for the marathon weekend on Friday AM! We rolled out around 10:30 or so and we had plenty of time to arrive as Doug was planning on running the BAA 5k. We had high hopes he would feel better as he happened to catch a cold a few days prior. I on the other hand was taking all the vitamin C I could.

We stopped for lunch in Albany, so we could visit with Stephy, Eli and Evie! It had been months since we had see each other and it was absolutely lovely to catch up. I sure give her a lot of credit and her kiddos are adorable ❤

After the rather long lunch of mostly me playing with the kids, we sent out to finish our trip. We finally arrived at where we were staying and were welcomed with a nasty set of looks in a rather unsure place. Fortunately, our host was nice and patient with me, while he let me know we were not in the correct location. In fact we were in the oldest part of Boston and as we were leaving, Doug spent some time reading us facts about it – like townies, shamrocks, and other rather scary facts.

We finally made it to the correct (& safe location) around 7:30.. woof. After lugging everything up 3 floors and settling in, we ventured to a ‘tropical’ grocery store for some  dinner. Our apartment was great for what we needed it for (mostly a roof, beds and a shower), but I would never be able to live there, no stove, the dishwasher was broken and we set off a circuit breaker by using a blow dryer! It was kind of crazy, but it was convenient!

The next morning, Doug decided not to race, but mom and I wanted to head in to see the race, hopefully meet some Oiselle teammates and practice the T, as I was going to take it race morning to catch the bus. We ended up in a starbucks for some tea (mostly for the restroom) and cheered for friends in the 5k before heading back to get off our legs and clean up before the expo and then my Coeur Team Dinner.

The expo was a piece of cake, I was amazed by all the people, it was so surreal picking up my bib. After, Mom and I walked around the expo soaking it all in. After we hit Trader Joe’s and then met up with one of my best friends/college teammate Kristin, who was also racing! It was so nice to briefly catch up with her and her family.


Mr Sam Adams himself


Sampling the 26.2 beer



Kristin ❤

Next we headed to Maggiano’s for the Coeur Team dinner. The dinner was perfect to catch up with new and old friends – lots of laughs were had. After dinner, Mom and I took the T home and turned in for the night.


Coeur Team Dinner!

Sunday involved a a relaxing morning, a shakeout, takeout (see what I did there) and more relaxing prior to a Oiselle Team Dinner at teammate Rebecca’s House!

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.35.10 PM

Oiselle Team Dinner – Photo Credit: Ashley

Rebecca’s house was great to chat with the teammates’ I’ve raced with before but also meet some new ones. It really is awesome to me that we can all just bond and mesh well together. A big shoutout to Rebecca for hosting, after reading her weekend recap – I wouldn’t have been able to hold it together, ha! You go girl. Around 6:30pm, mom and I made our way back home and turned in for the night.

Stay tuned for the more interesting The RACE in part 2..


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