Race Week, Already?

Fear is gradually replaced by excitement and a simple desire to see what you can do on the day.” – Lauren Fleshman

Where has time gone? I can’t believe it’s already time to open the triathlon season. I won’t lie. I’m scared of this weekend. I’m scared of failing, scared of making a fool of myself, scared of letting others down and scared of letting myself down. Then again similar to Lauren Fleshman above.. I’m excited to see what I can do, where my fitness is and how fast I can be on race day. It’s always a catch 22 with racing, I get so nervous, anxious even, to get on the line, but when the gun/cannon goes off, it all floats away and it’s just me, my footsteps and my breathing. One of my favorite moments during the race is the seconds before the gun goes off, it almost gives me goosebumps, the static in the air prior to the rush of many athletes giving it their all, testing their limits.

The last few weeks I’ve had some a couple breaking points.. mostly related to running but they’ve improved. My runs are still not as fast as I’d like, but at least they are faster. Last week was also my highest training week ever. Needless to say, training is where it should be and I still need to work on my patience.


Life outside of training? I traveled to Jacksonville FL with the Women’s team for the Division 1 East Regional. The trip was great however I can definitely cross FL off my list for living, I don’t know how you Floridians do it.. that hot and that humid at 7AM?!  We had some awesome local races in town too – The Cayuga Trails 50 and the Gorges Ithaca Half Marathon put on be Red Newt Racing. It’s been fun to help people get ready (through the shop) and of course volunteer/cheer and make people smile! Lastly, my birthday was yesterday. I had a lovely little day, thanks so much to my wonderful family and friends ❤ and even made my first big real purchase (aside from Timmy!).

Swim little buddy!
NCAA Regional Meet in FL. That Sky!
Had some Major Car Issues
View from Bday Dinner 🙂
So Fancy
New Car!

On that note, Here’s to this weekend!!


5 thoughts on “Race Week, Already?”

  1. You will do great at the race! The only bad race is the one that was never started. Don’t beat Tom too badly 😉 Happy belated birthday!


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