Update on Life

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”

Hmm. It’s been a while eh? We’re already halfway through March! Where has time gone? I’m wrapping up week 10 of training and let’s say it’s going pretty well. Biking and swimming a lot. Swimming has improved a lot, but still a lot to work on 🙂

Biking has been going well too. Today was the first day ever that I had a ride where everything just clicked and came together.. you know what I’m talking about. That effortless feeling where you’re just going at it, time is clicking by and you love every minute.. Yeah it happened today. It was awesome.

I often get that feeling when running, I get it a lot actually and I’ve missed it (run volume is really low). I was probably a little depressed today about it too, especially after watching a lot of my Oiselle teammates kick butt at the USATF 15k Championships down in FL.

Indoor track has finished and now we’re moving onto outdoors which can only mean two things: nicer weather and the Spring Break trip in California. Needless to say, I’m really excited about both. February was brutal for training, and living for that matter. We had an avg high of 10oF. Brrrr.

I also traveled to visit Doug for a few days in Boulder after his pro camp in FL. We were both kinda a mess: I had this pressurized head cold, and his body was just not cooperating. We still were able to get all out training in which is always the goal, but time went by real fast and before I knew it Sunday rolled around and I had to fly back.

Here are some fun pictures:

Coeur Swim Sesh w. Dom & Rebecca

Coeur Swim Sesh w. Dom & Rebecca


some bike #heartandcourage

Some snuggles

Some snuggles

Long ride in Boulder - loving our new Coeur team kits!

Long ride in Boulder – loving our new Coeur team kits!

Sunshine miles in Boulder!

Sunshine miles in Boulder!

Next up: the Syracuse Half Marathon next Sunday! I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do, even without the run volume I’m used to. Not to mention a few days home with my family! ❤



  1. Nice workouts lady! Sorry you had a head cold in Boulder…do you think it might have been the altitude? I’m super excited about the race and can’t wait to meet up with you and the other Coeur girls racing 🙂


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