Where did the Last 2 Months go?

Since the marathon I’ve been slightly busy I guess. Doug was in Ithaca until then end of October and we were able to have some wonderful adventures including a Michigan game (definitely an adventure) and being able to spend time together, especially as both of our seasons were over. Doug’s also experienced his first yoga session (and is now apart of his routine!) and a trip to Beaver Lake for our first run back!


At the Big house!



Pit Stop to see Katie!



How we both felt during our first run back!

Cross country ended in November, which is always sad. The girls work so hard and I just love being around them. They always inspire me with their hard work and determination. Also, Alex and I were able to get one more ride in before the first snow, in NOVEMBER! We were all smiles!


Riding outside in NOVEMBER


I headed home for thanksgiving, which was truly splendid. Lots of downtime with my mother, family and friends. My mom and I were able to keep our turkey trot tradition alive – 4 years strong. I was pretty happy with how my race turned out. Man, a 5k feels short! I was 3rd female OA which was pretty fun. A big shoutout to my mother who pr-ed and was first in her AG. There was also some quality time decorating a Christmas tree and lots of puppy snuggles!!!!


Momma and Me Post Turket Trotting



Home Sweet Home



Puppy Snuggles



Never Enough Snuggles!


After the holiday was a work trip to Austin TX for The Running Event, a large trade show with lots of geeky nerdy runners like myself. This year didn’t disappoint!! The speakers always give great advice and new ideas to keep specialty running alive, as well as some reassuring statistics. Not to mention the expo is one of a kind. We also were able to have some fun with the Footzone crew, the Oiselle Party, the Spazmatics and seeing the one and only Kate Leugers!


Terrible picture, but how often do you get a Picture with Kara Goucher and photo bombed by Max King!



The Spazmatics!



Kate & Bryon Powell of iRunFar! :)

Kate & Bryon Powell of iRunFar! 🙂


Training during this time included a few swims – which I actually enjoyed and can admit I missed the pool. A few more bike sessions, which also has been welcomed back into the routine. Plus lots of running and enjoying the time to do what I want, including more yoga!! I’ve enjoyed having yoga back in the routine!

Moving forward, training starts again next month! What is the goal race for 2015? Ironman Mont Tremblant! Yes- I couldn’t resist another go at the ironman distance! I’m also planning on racing more, even just in the terms of really good workouts. I really missed racing a lot last year. So here’s the current race calendar for 2015.

For my last few weeks of freedom? Another fun 5k this weekend at Its a Wonderful Run in Seneca Falls, spending lots of time with loved ones and enjoying the last little bit of free time!


I’ve been seeing a lot of these lately ❤



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