Week 3 IMLP & some other things.

“I learned that in each of us there burns a flame of independence that must never be allowed to go out. That as long as it exists within us we cannot be destroyed.” ― Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One

I’ve been adapting to my alarm clock and have been actually enjoying getting up early. Last week I arrived at the pool at 6:00AM when it opened. Go me! I mean I was up early (which wasn’t for a race) and went to the pool. Also- I’ve been feeling more comfortable in the pool. I even swam an 800yd -no stops- (it’s the little things) and each time I’m in the pool I’m swimming about a mile. Plus, I’m doing actual swim workouts. That 800 was tough – may have semi joked/ warned the lifeguard ‘do not rescue me’! I need to do this! Needless to say swimming seems to be going well. 

Biking is also going well. So glad that my baby is back to me, in one piece and feeling better than ever. Bike workouts are interesting so far. I’ll be excited so see where that goes. They definitely leave my quads a little sore 🙂

Additionally I can’t complain about running. I hit 42 miles in 5 days this week. I enjoy my runs. My workouts have been going alright. It’s amazing after a month off how hard they feel. ‘Hurt so good’ just keeps playing in my head over and over again. I did some tempo miles and 400s at ‘5k’ pace this week. It was a shock to the body – I’ll get there, I know I will. So far I’ve had two REALLY long runs – 14 and 15.5 – well the longest since college 😉 It’s exciting to see them on the schedule and to know I’ll run farther. It makes me happy. The 15.5 miler was my long run this morning and it’s the farthest I’ve ran in my life! The last four miles were under 7, which is equally exciting.


Perfect Sunday Long Run Day!

Week 4 consists of my first “recovery” week. I am still perplexed by this. Yes- it’s a lower amount of activity but it makes me giggle as I have 3 TT’s scheduled. Aren’t those supposed to be hard? 😉 Oh well, it’s funny learning the different techniques/workouts/etc between running and triathlon training.

Some of the other exciting things- My Coeur AND Oiselle race kits came this week! It was like christmas all over again!

Saturday was a bike workout and was the perfect opportunity to break in the Coeur Chevron Tri Kit (yes- it matches my bike ;)). I was so thrilled to give this baby a try. I’ve doing everything on the bike in tri shorts, that’s what I’m going to race in so I should get used to it, right? Thus my little bum has been having some sore spots right where the seams and the chamois meet in most of my tri shorts. What makes Coeur different? The chamois is all one piece – no seams. It’s a longer/wider chamois that runs down the legs of the tri shorts so no additional rubbing/chafing. It’s awesome. It was the most comfortable ride yet. I cannot wait to spend more time on the bike and in those shorts. My top also didn’t ride, plus it is super supportive! Believe me- I’m all about not letting the girls move and I think I will be fine without a sports bra under this tri top. Needless to say, it was just an awesome workout and I am looking forward towards my bigger workouts and races (Although- not until june!). 


My Oiselle kit: as always Oiselle makes the most flattering, comfortable and awesome running apparel which I am in love with. With this arrival and the combination of my teammates and friends all racing this weekend – I can’t wait for the Anthem 13.1 in VA beach next month. I just want to get back out there! Eeek! 


Oiselle Top!

However- first I think we should make it through the TT’s this week 😉




  1. I completely agree on the Coeur chamois… best around! Love that it’s one piece… no chaffing ever! Great week of running! I can’t wait to be logging some more mileage… I’m up to 60 minutes this week post injury 🙂


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