I *needed* to run.

“Never Give Up”

The two weeks of transition have came and gone, I was lucky to miss the Arctic Blast #4. It was the first time I had ever been happy to not have to run. It was nuts. I went 11 days without running which is a new record (minus injury time off). That many days without running AND being healthy also has never happened before.

During that time I have found a triathlon coach, swam twice (Yeah go Lisa), biked and now proud to say have ran 3 days in a row. Still feeling tired and recovering – really focusing on nutrition – but also happy to be back into a routine. I was getting excited about training for Ironman Lake Placid- then I tried to do my bike workout today.

Now, I love my bike. It is the most expensive thing I’ve bought (besides my college degrees). Welp, today I found out that the derailer hanger is bent, thus leading to my shifting gears going sour and getting caught in the spoke of my wheel. Yeah. Go Lisa. You are a terrible triathlete. After some consulting, some crying,  and more crying (related to freaking out about actually being able to do IMLP- that’s freakout #2). A hour later I received an email that the first month of training was up on training peaks. One look at that and I sent myself out the door. I needed to run.

Running has always been my ‘go to’. Since I was in HS, if something was wrong, I went running. In college, something went wrong, out the door I went. It’s been a long time that I’ve needed to run, feel the pain, push beyond what I *should*. I needed it today. It may have not been the smartest idea (still sore from getting back into running and from my bike test) but it NEEDED to happen. I did choose a run with an increase 700ft elevation as to not totally kill myself but it was great – in the middle of snow showers, solo out on the roads, running on country hills, beautiful Ithaca scenery. I went out and just ran.

Prior to getting all anal with numbers, miles, standards and training this -just running- was my passion. I didn’t think, I didn’t worry, it was me, the pavement and zoning out. It was perfect.

Now I’m über sore and have found myself thankful that a swim is on tap for tomorrow as it’ll flush the legs. The bike will get fixed and I will make it through the training plan. Hence ‘never give up’. I’ve never given up in the past, and I won’t in the future. Bring on Ironman Lake Placid.

This little girl just ran.

This little girl just ran.


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