2013: Just the Beginning

“Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.”  ~From the television show The Wonder Years

There was a lot of changes in 2013: I bought a triathlon bike (prior to), completed my first olympic triathlon, completed my first half ironman, tackled the half marathon again, biked more than I ever, got a rather large promotion, I was chosen for not 1 but 2 ambassador programs, oh and I started my little blog! But first, I think I’ll sum up some of the races.


My beautiful bike.

Oswego Olympic Triathlon: I did not enjoy this (to be honest). My ‘new’ bike had to get dropped off earlier in the week because of the brake cables and I didn’t get it back until friday at 6pm. The race was Saturday at  9AM (I think). It left no time to go for a ride, etc, etc. Mostly because I had to drive back to my parents for the race and wouldn’t get there until 9PM. Side note: I’m probably the worst triathlete ever, in my first triathlon (Sprint, CLT 2012) I never completed a brick, it was an experience running off the bike. Now, I was doing my first olympic with a brand new bike (it had my saddle, clip pedals, etc) AND I had to swim a mile (I’m far from a swimmer). In the end, I was glad to be done. I was tired. It was my birthday and somehow I got 3rd. Not sure how that happened but it did. Phew Olympic was over. Next would be the Peasantman Half Iron before I had another triathlon.


So out of it that my glasses are crooked! Yikes!


Award Podium

Peasantman Half Ironman: The only other triathlon I did was one my friend Alex had me roped into last winter (Thanks Alex, I blame you for my triathlons endeavors-and Ian I suppose). This was a new half iron distance in the area and I was really excited but terrified. Goals were to survive the swim, be relaxed on the bike, then kill the run. The swim was survived and I couldn’t wait to get on the bike. My bike was great, especially considering the my bike had a crack in the seat stay and had a last minute switch to a friends bike (Thanks John). Add that to the stress levels of first time race of that distance and my longest race ever. In the end it was good, I enjoyed this the run it was exactly what I wanted to, ended up 4th with a big smile on my face.


Bike Portion


All I’m thinking is ‘get me to the run’


Coming to the Finish



Empire State Half Marathon: Probably my best race all season. It was after taking the team to princeton and back, then driving home (which was only a tad stressful). However, I was relaxed, took it mile by mile, step by step, was competitive and had fun. It definitely hurt and for the next 3 days I was exhausted (probably from everything combined). My favorite part was probably wearing my Oiselle Threads combined with a PR 🙂 Again, I was 4th with 1:26:14 PR.


Finishing, Cheesin’ again



Favorite moments: Besides each of the above races, the Nike Women’s Distance Half in DC was a good one. A fun weekend getaway with my mom (AKA my biggest fan & my rock). It was fun to run through DC, see the sights and be out there with that many women also running through DC. However, I’m not going to lie, I LOVED getting that pretty blue box. I always wanted be the person to get my first piece (or only piece) of Tiffanys 🙂


Momma! My Biggest Fan!


Possibly one of favorite pictures

Also, the most recent race, It’s a wonderful run 5k, when it was held in a snow storm. Not to mention the countless miles along the way with my friends, on the bike and by foot. Some of my favorite moments are just in training, like the long ride with Alex where we went up Honeypot (dear lord it was a large hill). Watching/Volunteering at Ironman Lake Placid was another great moment, so full of emotion, it was incredible. I still dream about it (except they are slowly involving my worst fears as I tackle 2014 IMLP).


Spectating at IMLP w. Alex


Volunteering w. Alex


Right before signing my life away!

Two of my other favorite moments are 1) Oiselle Team: I am so honored still, I love everything about Oiselle, not just their super awesome apparel but what they stand for, what the team stands for, and how we are one large family! It’s so much fun to learn about my teammates and see what goals they have and what they have accomplished. 2) I just recently found out I was chosen as an ambassador for Coeur Sports. Coeur Sports is another women’s only apparel line for multisport athletes. Again, I love everything they stand for, and again it’s another huge family. I’m so honored to be among the women that I am for both brands. I’m so honored to wear their threads and help promote not just the companies but what they stand for. If anyone reads this, PLEASE check them out on my behalf, not the companies. Both are utterly awesome and support a wide range of women from pros to the little people-like me!


Heads up, Wings out!


Look, it’s there, my name it’s really there!

Best advice: have fun, be relaxed and enjoy the process. The advice I remember the most- accept I’m a poor swimmer and basically deal with it (ugh). I hate being bad at anything but this was hard to completely accept instead of just brushing it off by a joke. I’m proud to say I’ve been in the pool more since sept than the rest of the year & tri season. Go Lisa!

Moving on to 2014: It’s going to be a big year and I can’t wait for it. Things get started in January where I’ll cap of my run season with the Rock N Roll 13.1 in Phoenix. I’m SO excited (plus I’ll be with my best friend and college teammate, just like the old days!!). Things have been really going well with my training and I’m excited to see what I can do. When March rolls around I’ll be heading to VA beach with my Oiselle Team for the spring meet up at the Shamrock Marathon & Anthem 13.1, I can’t wait to meet everyone and grow closer! It’ll be a great training run as I’ll be in the midst of Ironman Training, which brings me to my next point. The big race, Ironman Lake Placid. It’s going to be crazy, one heck of a roller coaster but I’m looking forward to the hard work, the training and being strong. I also have the Syracuse 70.3 which will have a special place as thats my hometown. I’m sure I’ll have a few half marathons (Skunk Cabbage in Ithaca in April) and other races after Ironman, but we’ll play that by ear. I had a great year in 2013, but 2014 is already so exciting to me. I can’t wait to wear the Oiselle Singlet and Coeur Kits for 2014.

Here’s to 2014! Best Wishes! 



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