Turkey Trotting & Austin, TX

“Relish the bad training runs. Without them it’s difficult to recognize, much less, appreciate, the good ones.” – Pat Teske
Rewind: Left off with heading to NCAA Division 1 XC Championships. Take Home Message: the girls ran incredible in a muddy, cold, windy week and messy course. It was awesome.
 Van Selfie!
 The Girls!
 At the Line!
B’ville Turkey Trot
At first I was so excited to be running a 5k, so far all of my races have been much longer so I was excited to see what I was going to achieve. Well, that slowly changed. I woke up Thursday to 4″ of snow and 6 degrees outside. I did NOT want to go run hard. This was the 3rd Annual Turkey Trotting Expedition for the family, so my mom came with me. Without her there I probably would have packed up and headed back home to do something fun out on the roads. In any rate, Mom’s a better coach than she thinks, She told me ‘Just have fun.’ How could I be such a grump when there were still SO many others there to run on this snowy thanksgiving day. I decided to just roll with the punches. I was completely numb so I opted for a 4 mile run before the 5k went off. I was warm, then got numb again (side note: I was wearing a LOT of clothes & wool socks, I just couldn’t stay warm). Finally the 5k went off and I just told  myself it was only 3 measly miles and to just give a decent effort (tempo effort) and to be semi competitive without slipping on the snowy roads, so I wouldn’t fall or injury myself. FYI: Two winters ago I was laid up for 3 months because I tore the upper part of my hamstring from slipping on the only snowy day we had that winter, so that’s my big hesitation for snowy road races. Needless to say, the 5k went by really fast and as in tradition I ran back to find Momma Holt and help her finish strong 🙂 It’s probably my favorite part of our thanksgiving traditions. She ran an incredible time (under 33 min for a 63 yr old woman). Somehow this missed me in the results so I don’t have my official time. But I felt a lot better when I finally warmed up and my legs weren’t tired at all, nor was my breathing really labored so I took that as great sign for the half in Jan. The rest of thanksgiving was great however went by in a blur. Caught up with family and best friend before headed back to the Ith for work.
Post Snowy Turkey Trotting
One Speedy Momma
With a day of work, we were off to The Running Event in Austin TX. I was SO excited to get to Texas and have some warmer weather. My sole workout for the week went awesome, it was 68 degrees, I was able to run in my Mio Mesh Tank, Strappy Bra and Flyte shorts, and run along the Colorado River. The workout was tough, BUT I felt great, 4 sets of 2-1-2 with 1 min rest. It was fun. Running was fun because of the Expo (I’m pretty sure), there were people running EVERYWHERE. It just made me smile. HOWEVER, I was completely bummed the last 2 days… it was warmer in ITHACA than it was in AUSTIN and I left all warm clothes in Ithaca because WHY would I pack warm clothes for AUSTIN Texas? We’ll lesson learned. Always bring ONE pair of tights where ever you go 🙂 The Convention and Expo were great, I learned a lot. We were up at 6AM to run and then Expo from 8 AM to 6 PM. I also got to meet the Oiselle Ladies and Sally and see the Fall 2014 line (which was probably one of my favorite parts). Wednesday night we hung out with the Brooks crew and saw this awesome band, The Spazmatics. Let’s just say they are known as THE 80’s Cover Band. The were incredible.
 Downtown Austin

The Running Event!
Saucony Chandelier


The Spazmatics!

ImageAwesome Gingerbread town!

Indoor Track started yesterday with the first home meet of the season at Cornell. A long run, christmas shopping and christmas movies are on the schedule today. I am so excited. Next up: It’s a Wonderful Life 5k in Seneca Falls.

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