Sinking and Soaring

Life is beautiful because it is a controlled yet chaotic dance of ups and downs where we are blessed with the ability to sense those pains and pleasures equally.

Well, I believe we left off with me being so excited (like BEYOND) excited about going for a long ride with Alex last week. Welp. It was absolutely wonderful, the colors, the temperature (it was like 78 in OCTOBER!?) and of course the company 🙂 We kept it pretty easy and did one of our favorite rides from IH&F. Side Note- I’m still baffled at how there is always a load of traffic when we ride up 96. I mean a TON. It always impresses me, we even went at 10:30?! How is there so much traffic at 10:30AM!? They make me so nervous, oh well. Here’s some wonderful pictures.



Anddd we both still have our numbers from Peasantman

So naturally, something is going to come along and TOTALLY mess with my MOJO. This would be my sunday long run (10/6). It was terrible, but worse than terrible, it was just down right completely and utterly terrible. Next time I should know better than to stand at an Expo for total of 18hrs on a gymnasium floor (Fri & Sat) and then expect my legs to work for my long run on Sunday AM. I’m pretty sure I hit every emotion but positive ones on this run. There was swearing, grumpiness, depression, and even tears.. on the side of the road. Yes. I had to stop on the side of the road and sit down and cry. This was not fun. But like all good things, the bad ones end too. I made it through (barely) but almost just threw in the towel and walked home from buttermilk (I guess that’s a big thank you to myself for scheduling a running mechanics class at 10am, in which I needed to rush home to get to on time). But I survived.

Well, I was pretty bummed about my long run, but that didn’t last long before I had to reset and get ready for my run workout of the week. I was a tad nervous about this workout 3*10min (1st: 5SS, 5T; 2nd: 4SS, 6T; 3rd: 3SS, 7T). Needless to say, this was one of the best run workout I’ve had probably in years. I kept wanting to push SS (was already running about 6:30ish pace) and then was trying to keep Tempo in check too. In any rate, at the end of my third set, I was feeling good, legs a little tired but aerobically was feeling great. I checked Garmie (my trusty garmin watch, yes he has a name. After all he keeps me company quite a bit, we have a love-hate relationship) and he was telling me I was running 5:55 pace. I almost squealed, yes SQUEALED in the middle of my workout. I was overjoyed. One- because I was sub 6 and it felt relatively easy and two- I’ve been having some problems feeling as fit as I was in college. In college, I would run 6 min pace and it would feel pretty easy, SO this made me very happy. It also has me feeling more excitement over the Empire State Half Marathon next weekend, before I was almost dreading it.


Sunset after the workout 🙂

THEN the next morning I pr-ed with the time spent on the trainer, not that this is something to brag about or a milestone for most people, but I was on the trainer for 2 hrs straight. Longest by 30min! JACKPOT. This is really encouraging to me as I am going to spend a lot of time on the trainer this winter. Thus, I was pretty darn excited. Watched some HIMYM (how I met your mother) and the season debut of American Horror Story. The second show was quite interesting, it definitely kept me entertained. Erin came and caught up with me before work too. It was nice. The only problem is the 6 hours of sleep before and the 9 hour shift at work I had to follow. Proud to say, I made it through to the next morning with ANOTHER great workout session.. I’m letting the suspense set in becauseeeee…..


Trainer ride! I think I’m thinking: ‘my butt hurts.. this show sucks.. how many more minutes? Don’t look at the clock AGAIN!’

I woke up thursday AM and went to the POOL. Yes, folks, I made it to the pool again (this is big news!). Not only did I make to the pool, I hit some of the baby steps to actually SWIM, yes I ACTUALLY swam.. and I lived. A lot of the pool sessions right now are just doing drills to work on my balance. So, I just started with the drills, back and forth for about 20 widths (once I got in, it took me FOREVER.. it was so COLD). Then I said, heck, why not and started the drills for half and swam for half. It was so exciting, I really wanted to start jumping up and down on the pool deck and asked if anyone saw me SWIM.. but I didn’t a) want to draw attention to myself (already SUPER UBER self-concious about my swimming) and b) I wasn’t swimming full widths yet.. So I’ll wait to jump on the pool deck. Here’s what really went down that I was super excited about, I was able to breath much better when swimming freestyle (side note: I NEVER SWIM FREESTYLE, its ALWAYS breastroke..) and not hyperventilate which also means I am getting better at exhaling under water. THEN I got a rather large mouth full of water, instead of the normal panic I swallowed it and then took a breath on my next stroke and breathing must have been easier because I was more balanced!!!!! Look MOM I can KINDA SWIM like a triathlete.. well.. maybe I better not get TOO far ahead of myself.. but its progress 🙂


PROOF I’ve been swimming, hello attractive goggle lines

Since the pool I’ve had some alright sessions, now I’m just quite tired (not really sleeping either but such as life). Today was a pretty solid long run and then went out on the bike which was really nice. Shook the legs out and somehow managed 17.9 mph in the wind 🙂 Now it’s time to get adjusted tomorrow AM (WOOT Gerrit solves everything) and rest up before taking the team to Princeton on Friday night and then the race Sunday. Wait.. did I say race.. no I mean workout. Yes, workout 🙂


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