Smiles on Smiles

‘Life is not about making others happy.  Life is about sharing your happiness with others.’

The last few days of training have been absolutely incredible (yes.. even saturday’s when I had to wake up and get my car.. I was still smiling at the end). I have been fully enjoying every session, smiling and having fun again. It’s been almost 6 weeks since I have felt this way (right before Peasantman). Friday was my first true workout back from Peasantman. I was little intimidated. However, I told myself it was going to suck anyways and I would survive (If I didn’t get lost)… Welp. I survived but was slightly panicked because I DID get lost! I stayed composed and relaxed and still avg 6:15ish pace for my pickups AND managed to get back to the hotel (I was in Boston with the team). SUCCESS in my book as it was early morning without a planned route.

Saturday wasn’t spectacular but once I was out the door at 7:30 AM (which I STRUGGLED with, thank you 1 AM arrival to my bed) and about 20 minutes in, I was smiling at the beautiful colors in the gorges as I ran through Buttermilk state park. I was SO thankful that it was an recovery day as I DID NOT have to RUN back up the gorge. A big PHEW in Lisa’s mind.

Sunday was spectacular. A great long run (where I finally felt normal– don’t forget we had the relay last weekend) running through cornell with a mix of road and trails, the last three miles were 20:30 (accidentally- didn’t change effort and part was in trails). Following the run was a short ride. I cannot talk about how beautiful and perfect this day was, the sun was shinning, the wind was low, the clouds were fluffy AND the leaves were changing. Perfect in my book! Eeep!! Get me on my bike and let me go. Fortunately, I had some wonderful company so I wouldn’t crush my ride. Woot Woot for recovery! Basically I was LOVING life!

Monday wasn’t terrible. Decided I wanted pancakes when I woke up instead of going for a run (just wasn’t in the mood for a variety of reasons). Thus needed to run after practice. It was a PERFECT evening for a run! Cool, crisp, and a beautiful sunset. I was quite pleased with the decision to wait.

NOW, Let’s get to today (sorry..I had to build up for how I was feeling). I was BEYOND excited to run when I woke up this morning. Woke up 2 minutes before my alarm, SCORE! Now, this is a hillier run from my apartment but an absolute scenic run. I told myself to take it easy (or tried to tell myself). Then I got excited and couldn’t control my excitement for the scenery.

View number 1 after a real steep uphill. I was so overjoyed and Happy. So perfect.

View number 1 after a real steep uphill. I was so overjoyed and Happy. So perfect.


A total panoramic fail but I like how it turned out.

Moving on.. after this there’s a the start to a 2+ mile down hill.. which has my FAVORITE view in Ithaca (or one of them). I was so giddy, I must have had to goofiest grin on my face.. (thank goodness I was solo, it was 8:00am, and I live miles outside of Ithaca).


I was grinning ear to ear.

Then comes the beautiful country side that makes Ithaca 10 sq. miles of surrounded by nothing (though I hate that little knock off).


This does NOT do justice of my favorite ‘hidden’ view of Ithaca.


Hello Sun! 🙂

Moving on, still on the downhill.. grinning like an idiot…


Gosh. Fall is my FAVORITE

The rest of the run was like this, me running downhill, smiling, enjoying every minute.. until I came up to the last hill.. then my legs were quite tired and ready to be done. Fortunately, my excited-ness continues as I get to RIDE for hours tomorrow along Cayuga Lake with the colorful leaves (and Alex of course!!!) and I get to swim (not so excited about that… blahh). However, it will be another awesome day of training in the books and I am floating..


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