“If there is no struggle, there is no progress” – Frederick Douglass

Since the Peasantman half my life has been full of ups & downs. I was super anxious and excited to get back to training and having a run season with xtraining supplements of a couple rides and a swim (err.. trying to swim). However, since then I have gotten in the pool (which is an accomplishment for me) but no rides. My bike is still getting fixed. It’s been bumming me out quite a bit. I really have that itch to still ride and part of me feels kinda lost without the other parts of the training. Soon things will be back to normal.


My beautiful bike.. Please ignore the horrible dismount, it was my first time riding the bike (don’t ask) and my second triathlon ever (again.. aspiring triathlete).

However, on top of not biking as much, running has just been blah. Part I’m sure is from a load of traveling, then my butt kicked by a sickness, but none the less the last 2 weeks of running has just been pretty crappy. It’s always a good lesson, these rough patches, they help me to make other goals, help me enjoy why I run, and remind me of patience. Today I am happy to say was progress. I decided to run after a long shift at work today, so a) I made sure I got plenty of sleep (I cannot afford to get sick again), and b) so I could loosen up and get a bunch of food in me [and maybe c) so I could feel semi confident about where my fitness is currently]. Turns out it was good decision. Despite some stomach tissues and not a pure effortless run, I managed to run a ‘normal’ training pace and feel ‘ok’ while doing it. This is crazy different from the past couple of days. Sunday I struggled to get through my long run for a variety of issues..

But it’s always nice to have a day go *kinda well* to at least keep you motivated through next time.

Coming up: Virgil Crest Ultra 100 Relay Saturday & Sunday. I’m slowly starting to look more forward to this. The girls on the team are extremely motivating and I can just tell as much as the race will suck (because of the course), the whole experience will be fun and amazing. I’m just praying I don’t *knock on wood* turn an ankle. Plus four weeks, to the Empire State Half Marathon, which was reinforced again in my head today that it’s about progress (and the bigger picture)..


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